Integrated Marketing ServicesP&K Marketing Consultancy is a specialist direct and digital marketing firm established in 2011 in London with over 6 years of international marketing experience. We currently operate in North London and our customer portfolio consist of small to medium size enterprises, local sole traders and individual entrepreneurs.

We can provide you vast variety of direct and online marketing services including leaflet design and distribution, local promotions, market and portfolio research; website consulting, social media marketing, blogging, online PR solutions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate and banner marketing services. Our brand symbol (as sliced apple) indicates the variety of services to our customers.

We focus on delivering a customer centric approach in all our operations by focuning on your feedback and tailoring our offer specifically for you. We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and customer retention. In order to do that, all customer comments or complaints are being answered quickest possible, maximum within 24 hours via telephone, Skype and social media.

Our objectives:

  • Create tailored marketing plans and supply integrated marketing strategies specific for you to promote your businesses locally
  • Provid website consulting and SEO services to manage better ranking for your website on SERPs by optimizing your brand online
  • By optimize your websites we aim to create higher conversion rates from your website visitors
  • Create and manage your online identity on all social media platforms and engage with your target audience
  • Supply blogging, Online PR and offline marketing services where appropriate for you to achieve maximum brand exposure.