Totally agree about social media’s indispensable effect on every day life and business communications; even on political level decision makers. It is astonishing to see how it evolved so fast and integrated most of the marketing mediums under one umbrella: advertising, email marketing, blogging, public relations/ press releases, video adversiting and many more; with more measurable results and ability to reach to an extended (online) audience in seconds via simple click to share or retweet. Interactivity is definitely key by maximizing benefit of these social media mediums.

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On Friday this arrived in my email inbox – a timely reminder of how the world has changed over the last few years.

Linked In Letter


I joined in August 2004, fifteen months after the site was launched in May 2003, and two years before Facebook allowed for open-access. (Facebook itself launched in February 2004 but was restricted to university / colleges and a few others until September 2006).

I’d been interested in social networks for several years – and my membership of the UK networking site, dates from a few years earlier.

Initially social networking seemed to be more about re-connecting with people from real life rather than communicating on a regular basis. That’s all changed now.  Online social networking – through sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is the way many people keep up-to-date with what’s going on in their social circles.

I’ve been invited to parties via Facebook, and…

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics for Beginners

SEO Secrets

To be, or not to be on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page); that is the question. Competition is high, algorithms change constantly, some go for tricksters with big hopes, and some ignore all this confusion and go without it (if only they can).

Search engines are necessary, we all need them and we do love them. If this is the case, we have to get on well with them to be winner of the game. Actually, there will not be a winner at the end as it is a continuous process but still fun, depending on your perception of course.

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Apple vs. Google: Analysis of Three Recent News

After having come across three news with three different approaches about Google vs. Apple within the last 24 hours, I have decided to bring this news together here. First news is coming from Business Insider about a comparison of these two giants, the second is “500 most valuable brands list” taken from a print media called Short List (Issue 218) distributed free in London  and the last one is from Yahoo news about a Apple customer dissatisfaction and Apple’s misleading product promotion.

According to the article published on Business Insider on 25/03/2012, Apple is ahead of Google: “It’s no secret that Google’s products often fail to win the hearts and minds of mass-market consumers the way Apple’s do.” Google allegedly has more technically superior products to make users life easier via wide range of product options connected together; on the other hand, there is an Apple reality, we love having “shiny and super stylish” Apple products, by wishing to complete the full set: Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.

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73 Different Options of Online and Offline Marketing

Here you will find a list of 73 different options of Online and Offline marketing options to how to reach your audience online and offline, which are divided into six groups as Online, Expensive, Generic, Time Consuming, Good Deed and Other Options.

Within the first segment, I have listed online marketing solutions, which seem more targeted and affordable to me. You can use your  search engine optimised company website with your banner ads, also run a medium budget of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. In addition, social media and blogs can be used to communicate with audience; also, if there is, customer database can be used for newsletters and text massages. These are all highly targeted campaigns and they are very effective when used together.

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A Few Tips for Newbies in Blogging

Lets carry on with our “How to create a blog” post we started last week.

You can beautifully design your blog by adding a top banner and changing its style from the left menu. Lets have a close look at this menu beginning from the top.

Dashboard – is a general look, to all your posts etc, it is a kind of short cut to below areas.

Content and Discussion

Content section is for your posts in a chronological order. You can easily add a new post by clicking the Add New button next to the title on top. Pages is to create different pages on your blog such as About me, SEO, Social Media and Case studies sections I on my blog, then you need to fill these areas with relevant information; with a title and content.  After creating your main titles, you can then also create a drop down menu on your title by selecting a Parent Page from Page attributes section on right. To order your multiple sub-pages under subject page, Order box can be used.  You can then Edit, Quick Edit, Trash your title from All Pages section if needed.

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I want to be a blogger too!!

If this is what you say after seeing a fancy personal blog, like mine, as my friend did last night, here I am and my post today to make your wish come true.  Creating a blog template is simple and easy by going on to a blog publishing platform and signing up with a relevant email address in use. There are several blogging tool options to create your blog, the most commonly used ones are, and (you can check this review to decide too: )

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Importance of Blogging for Online Audience

In digital era of two-way-communication in Marketing, blogging has become crucial for SMEs and corporate companies for their public declarations and also for their interactions with their customers and on-line communities to create a positive profile in the public eye.

Creating a blog and updating with 5 blog posts a month is not we are talking about here. Making the company’s way out of the crowd with regular updates by producing relevant information to keep audience’s interest alive is a must.

Blogging can be named under social media channels such as Twitter, as micro-blogging or Facebook, but initially it has a wider scope in company websites, with also its necessity in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Content production with keyword optimisation is a very useful way of showing Search Engines all about your legitimacy, in terms of supplying  valuable information for Search Engines, which they like the most.

That is why we have created this blog, and this is our very first post to tell you more about what we are looking to achieve with future posts: How to maximise your digital exposure in on-line market, by using multi channels, or we shall say “Integrated On-line Marketing”.


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